News and Press Releases

- June 26, 2024 - TaxiFinder Version 2.0.0 launch -
New version launch! Highly requested multiple location support has been added. Now you can specify both starting and endng locations. Other improvements: more details added to the estimates, improved pin-drop performance, support for larger iPad screens, and support for international locations.
- March 22, 2024 - TaxiFinder Version 1.0.2 launch -
New logo and minor bug fixes released.
- May 24, 2024 - TaxiFinder iPhone App - LAUNCH -
Taxi Finder iPhone App is Now Available in Apple iTunes. Go download your copy!
Yes, there *now* is an app for that!! :)
- May 11, 2024 - TaxiFareFinder on Facebook Launch
We have created a Facebook page, so the users can share
- May 11, 2024 - Website (Beta) Launch website is live!! We are proud to announce the launch of the website providing information for upcoming iPhone app that allows users to carry the TaxiFareFinder features whereever they go. Stay tuned for the app launch coming soon!