Taxi Fare Estimates

Using GPS, TaxiFinder knows where you are. All you need to do is to type in your destination, and it will take you there. TaxiFinder will dynamically calculate the 1) distance, 2) trip duration, 3) fare estimates, as well as 4) suggested routes.

Powered by TaxiFareFinder

TaxiFinder is powered by TaxiFareFinder for its fare calculations, providing reliable results. The fare estimator supports all areas of United States and Canada, but, to make its calculations even more accurate, it uses up-to-date rates for over 180 metropolitan areas in North America.

Taxi Company Lookup

Using the iPhone's GPS feature, TaxiFinder finds your current location, and searches for taxi companies nearby. Once you have a list, choose, click, and call! (*calling feature is for iPhone only)
If you need more options, you can even expand your search radius.

Taxi Company Details through Yelp!

For the best experience, you want to call a company with good reputation. TaxiFinder, in collaboration with Yelp, provides you various information about taxi companies while on the go.
On the list, you will see company location and the star ratings of each company. If you find one that's good, click and call!
Not enough? Click and drill down for even more information. Check their exact address, company information, and even reviews left by other Yelp and TaxiFinder users! All within the TaxiFinder app!!

Easy to Use, Many Ways to Go

Do you want to go home? Click the *go home* button.
Do you want to go to your friend's house? Search through your *iPhone contacts* list.
Do you want to go to a popular club, hotel, museum? Choose from the *POI list* (Point-of-Interest) *.
Do you want to pick a point on a map? Drag and Drop a *pin*.
Do you have a new address? Type it in the *address Field*.
There are various ways to enter destination into TaxiFinder. All to make it easier while you are on the road.
(*POI feature is only supported in selected cities. Please see list at TaxiFareFinder.com)

Supported Cities

  • Local rates are automatically retrieved from TaxiFareFinder.com.
  • In its current release, Taxi Finder may return limited taxi and location listings unless you are in or near the supported US and Canadian cities that are listed on the home page of TaxiFareFinder.com.

Device Requirements

  • - iPhone and voice service for calling taxi companies. (standard fees apply through your voice carrier)
  • - Data (Internet) service for Fare Estimator, Taxi Finder, and Where Am I features. (standard fees apply through your carrier)
  • - iPhone OS6.0 or higher.