что такое cccexe и почему он работает

что такое cccexe и почему он работает


The most important device is the electronic unit. He is responsible for all parktronic work, and he manages the operation of all parking system systems. The task of the electronic unit includes warning of a possible malfunction of the parking sensors. If this happens, he will immediately give the appropriate signal to the driver.

Basic elements of parking devices
Detection of obstacles is monitored by sensors. They are installed on the rear or front bumper of the car and the principle of their operation is based on ultrasonic waves. They constantly emit waves, and when a foreign object or obstacle gets into the zone of their action, they give a signal to the electronic unit. He, in turn, calculating the distance to the obstacle from the wavelength, and informs the driver about it.

Depending on the design of the parktronic, it can have a different number of sensors. Their number can be from two to eight pieces. Here everything is extremely simple, the more the number of sensors, the more accurate parking sensors.

Two sensors.Parktronics with two obstacle detection sensors are the cheapest, and therefore available to any car enthusiast. The drawback is only one – because of the small number of sensors, so-called “dead zones” can be formed. These sensors may simply not see some objects of small thickness that are not within the range of the sensors. An example of this case is shown in the figure below.

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